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“There are two types of stories that always demand my attention. A good love story and the story of a quest. Ill Repute embraces both. This story of Alice, an entirely identifiable young woman raised as a prostitute, and Joseph, the young prospector that ultimately saves her life, is entirely engaging. As with all of Ms. Kinslow’s books I was completely taken in by her sweet, simple storytelling talents. I know that any time I have one of her novels in my hand I am whisked away on an adventure. Ill Repute is Kinslow at her very best!”  

- Rebecca Niveana, former editor- Stevens Publishing

"Snake Oil is the thirteenth book I read by this wonderful author Nanette Kinslow. I never thought she would out do herself from her first book Stavewood but she has with Snake Oil. I enjoyed every page. She made the characters come alive. The story lines within the story lines are great. And the Snake Oil premise is fantastic. I never read a book a second time but this one I will. Thank You Nanette Kinslow."

 - Ed Cohen


“For lovers of romance Ms. Kinslow’s novel has hit the jackpot. If you are a fan of historical romance, or have ever been truly in love, you will find (her) books nearly impossible to put down.”

- Minnesotan Intelligencer



“Ms. Kinslow’s engaging story-telling style makes the book hard to put down.”   

 - News of Delaware County



“Love, love, love! Can't wait for the story to be continued!”                                       

 - Kathy Kaminski 



“Kinslow has a magnificent talent in portraying … strong character(s). Fantastic reads! If you are a believer in all things ‘meant to be’ these novels will not disappoint!” 

- Diana Clark



“A beautiful setting in which to tell the story of renewed hope & love between very likeable characters.”  

- Gail Cook




“Kinslow connects from the first page. Every time I stopped reading I couldn't wait to pick it back up.”

- Kathie Fleischauer



“…Characters quickly become well known as Ms. Kinslow provides insight to their personalities with her excellent way with words. I found her books… difficult to put down...”                

- Muriel Zondervan



“…You totally become involved! The author is extremely talented. I hope the series continues on.”                                       

 - Patti Ranney Shadrick



 “Turn three pages into Ms. Kinslow's (books) and you will find yourself whisked away as if in the arms of the handsome heroes painted with the pen of pure romance. Her prose will have you standing in the room …, a part of the magnificent world she has created. I would not be surprised to hear that one day this newcomer is considered one of the great female writers of our time.”

  - Laureen Silverman



Great character development. Thanks Nanette- good job - but thanks for hours of enjoyment for this voracious reader!”

- Debra A. Johnson



“I have to say that you have earned a place on my list of favorite writers with Ms. Kinslow’s two books. Historical trips … were such a treat for my heart and my imagination. What a wonderful romp!

- Emily Donet



“Like taking a walk through time, falling in love and having an affair without the consequences…”

 - Dianne Albright


"I started reading this 2nd book, South of Stavewood, and got half way through the book, fell asleep and dreamed I was in Stavewood, I woke up and finished the book. I'm starting on book 3 in the series as soon as I finish this review. What a gifted writer Nanette Kinslow is. Thank you for taking me on a wonderful journey."
-Mareena Cords

"Who doesn't love pie? (Piecrust Promise) is much like a delicious pie - tender and sweet, fragile and satisfying. The characters are well developed and believable. The storyline does not bog down. It's a good, satisfying read much like a nice, rich pie leaving one smiling but sad that it's gone.
- Carol Bauman

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