Nanette Kinslow
Take a Trip Back in Time!

Stavewood is the first novel in a four part saga.
It begins with the story of a mail-order-bride
who travels to America at the turn of the nineteenth century.
Whenever anyone takes a first step in any journey a series
of events begins to unfold and this is the story of Stavewood.
I have had a lifelong interest in the men and women who built life in America as we know it today, a fascination with the idea
of advertising for a woman, or a wife,
and I have a passion for great love stories.
Stavewood encapsulates all these elements.
From the impending first encounter of the original characters, 
through their relationship, and those of the people around them,
we follow the generations that are changed, created and
impacted by their meeting.
Stavewood unfolds with vivid imagery and rich emotion,
taking its reader to a time and place which though gone forever,
lives on through storytelling, as many legends do. 

Sweet New England

Taffy Jamison seemed to be waiting all of her life. She waited through poverty, through hunger and cold. She waited through despair and she waited alone.

In the turmoil of the years before the Civil War there was money to be made, goods to be shipped and sold. He may have been called a pirate, a businessman, or even a scoundrel, but Captain Christian Burrows was exactly what Taffy needed. She only had to recognize him.

Some great loves last a lifetime and some only moments. For Christian and Taffy every minute would have to count.

Ill Repute

When Alice Ellis stepped into the mud in Tutchone City,
in the Alaskan Yukon, she had not come to
pan for flake or dig for nuggets. 
Amid the men that would be rushing to the
Klondike to find their fortunes in the cold hard
earth she had another plan entirely. 
Raised in a brothel since infancy,
Alice had other ways to make her fortune. 
  Joseph Southers had come the year earlier seeking his wealth. 
He came to find his treasure
and return home a rich man prepared
to marry his Pennsylvania bride.
 When he encountered Alice he learned
that a woman could be harder than
permafrost or softer than a summer evening.
 He only needed to get through one
to reach the other.
He soon learned it might
be easier to discover gold.

Piecrust Promise 

 On a spring day in 1889 Corrine Greslin
vowed that she would never again be
 beholden to any man. She’d build a home
on her own land, land that she would stake
out in the Oklahoma Land Rush.
And, more than anything, she wanted to do it alone.
 When Lee Highland rode up beside her
she refused to be swayed by his confident style
 and persistent ways. Corrine’s heart had been broken too many times to be easily healed
by Lee’s carefree attitude.  
A man is only as good as his word and
Corrine Greslin would hold Lee Highland to his
The Matter with Margaret 

On the eve of the year two thousand Margaret Hobart
 watched her husband Fred snore his way into the next millennium. 
She took the perfume she had found hidden, and as she spritzed her neck,
 imagined a different ending to the passing year. 
 Margaret gulped down the last of her champagne
and climbed into bed alone. 
When Margaret opened her eyes in the morning light of January the first,
1920 she would embark on an
unexpected journey through time.  
She would learn about herself, her world,
and her life.
But the most important lesson Margaret
would learn would be about love.

Selective Service

Write to me, darling, of home. Of everything of home. I need to find the peace of it and to hear its soft whisper above the din of war.
                                 Your loving,

Doctor Thomas Confrey puts pen to paper while on the battlefields of Europe in the summer of 1918. He has been drafted by his country to fight and to heal amid the devastation of a war that history will show does not end all wars. 

His young wife, Clara, writes to him of home, of her everyday experiences and she waits for his return. 

In this, the ninth novel by Nanette Kinslow, we come to know the Confreys through their correspondence and the love that endures. 

The paperback version of Selective Service is printed in a unique format with all letters written in special fonts. The paperback copy makes a great gift!


Everett Braun is a third generation farmer with a smallholding in the beautiful mountains of the New York Catskills. He has a notion that his struggling farm might thrive if only he had a wife, a proper woman, to cook and clean and tend the garden. He puts pen to paper and writes an advertisement that clearly states his requirements.

Deidre Wilkinson is an orphan, raised by oppressive relatives who keep her, and her inherited dowry, under close supervision. She has been taught to behave appropriately and to know her place as a woman. But beneath her docile exterior, Deidre is a spirited artist and yearns to be free. When she finds Everett’s post she decides to escape. She knows how to behave properly and can meet the needs of Mr. Braun. When Deidre steps from the train in Rainsville, New York, her life and the life of Everett Braun, take a direction neither of them anticipated.

In the tradition of Stavewood, Nanette Kinslow’s three part series, Whetstone, takes a mail-order-bride and the man who has sent for her, on a rich journey to another place and time.

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