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Nanette Kinslow is the author of thirteen novels including the Stavewood saga, Sweet New England, Ill Repute, Piecrust Promise, The Matter with Margaret, Selective Service, the Whestone trilogy and Snake Oil. She was born in Venice, California and moved to the east coast in 1974. She now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband of over thirty years.

Nanette has always had a love of romance in all forms. From roses to lace she has filled her life, and her novels with love and art. Her stories feature historical heroines and heroes who love adventure.

 “My grandmother, who was born in 1900, always fascinated me with the tales of how much the world had changed over her lifetime. As a child I developed an early interest in what compelled people to want to travel across great distances in search of new, and hopefully better lives, and most importantly, love. I considered the basic human need, in many, to leave behind everything familiar in search of that special someone. I love writing stories of travel, adventure and finding unconditional love while navigating through the uncertainties of life."    ~ Nanette

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